Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I am so spoiled!!

And here's why.

I had mentioned on my FB that I needed a new Bible. I do have several, and they are all well used. You see, I have this nasty habit of trying to live on an old word from God, instead of getting a fresh one. Which means in times of need, I go back to the notes in my Bible, instead of just to my Bible. So, my Father only allows me to use a bible for about a year, then He makes me put it up and start over.

And I do love me the Word, the smell and the look of a new Bible just waiting for me and God to put our finger prints all over it.

Well, I had planned to go to our local Family Christian Book Store to scope some out, but I had really rather go here. Mardel, heaven on earth to a Bible person. The parent company of Mardel is the one and only Hobby Lobby. They try to keep the store radius within 450 miles of OK City to allow for the best delivery of merchandise to the stores. I have begged and pleaded with Headquarters and God for a couple of years now for a store here in San Angelo all to no avail. Sadly, the closest one was in Midland, which is about 200 miles from here.

But alas, all is not lost. My friend and I made a trip to Abilene today to find the TDC facility where my friend’s husband is being housed. We found the facility, shopped for a while then had a late lunch at Abuelo's. I walked out to smoke looked across the road and what did my eyes spy...

I almost fell to the ground!!! I stood there in shock for a minute then started praising my Father, who knows this child so well, and gave her exactly what she needed when she needed it! I went back in the restaurant told my friend that I needed to make one more stop and off we went.

I think that the inside of a Mardel is a small glimmer of what Heaven will be like. Imagine with me if you will a wall the width or length of the store that is nothing but Bibles. Every kind imaginable, and you can sit and browse at will, open all you want, flip pages, hug, kiss, smell, and read, till you find the one that is the exact fit.
I bought one of these

And one of these

But, this is the new fav that will be getting lots of use over the next year or so.

I am not ashamed to admit that I am spoiled. I am after all the apple of my Father's eye, and He knows what I need when I need it. Oh, I also bought some clothes and shoes, they are in the bags waiting to put up, but not my Bibles. They are already in use. God is way to good to this undeserving child.

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I just popped over to say thanks for stopping by my blog and following me. I love seeing new little faces over there...though in your case, it's not a face...but you know what I mean.

You made my night.