Monday, October 20, 2008

Bring the Rain Blog

The Bring the Rain Blog now has over 2050 comments left by women whom have miscarried, or have survived an infant death. Please continue to pray for these ladies. There are some on this blog that have either chosen an abortion or were forced into it. They all need our prayer for healing, peace and restoration. We are the hands and feet of Christ. The greatest gift we can give another is prayer.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

What a good wife I am not.

Please do not forget to be lifting up the Ladies in prayer whom have left comments on Angie's blog, as of this posting there are nearly 2000 comments. Please visit Angie's blog and if God leads you leave encouraging comments for these lovely ladies on their blogs.

What a good wife I am not...Rusty and I have just returned from the arena dedication at our church. We had a chuck wagon dinner, grand entry, exhibition by the Arena Angel Stick Horse team, and some roping. We rode, we ate, we sang. We are Baptist after all. Don't know which hurts worse, by behind, or my feet. I am writing this sitting on the front porch. Poor Rusty has made about 10 trips from the Tahoe to the house unloading saddles, tack, bass, guitar stands, cords, and other things, I told him I would help, but I think he is almost done. As am I with this post. All the doors on the Tahoe are closed and I think I just heard it lock. Guess I better go check and see if he needs my help.


Saturday, October 18, 2008


Please continue to life up the sweet sweet ladies that have left comments on Angie's blog. There are 1941 of them that need us to lift them up in prayer as they deal with their grief.

Rusty, some friends, and I went to Llano for the day. They had a Chuck Wagon cook off and Heritage Days on the Courthouse Lawn. Wonderful day. Good friends, Good music, and Good food. What more could one ask for?


Friday, October 17, 2008

God is so Good

Please continue to pray for the 1891 women who have shared their lost of either a pregnancy or infant death. These ladies need us covering them in prayer.

Our church praise band played at a class barbecue this evening. This was a senior adult class. I went along, because Rusty plays with the band, but does not drive. It was my honor and privilege to be allowed to wait on these men and women of God. I call them the "E F Hutton" of our Churches. Do you remember the old E F Hutton adds where then tag line was "When E F Hutton speaks everybody listens"? These men and women spend hours on their knees lifting us up before the throne. They are not the ones that are the most out spoken, or involved in everything going on in a body of believers, but when they pray, God listens. They are what is holding our churches together. They have learned the power of prayer, and are not afraid to use it. Yet if you try and complement them on it, they duck their heads and say they are not doing anything special. I am where I am because I had a grandmother that prayed over me, a mother in law that prays over us, and men and women that I will never meet this side of heaven, that have prayed over me as well.

So the next time you are in the presence of the men and women, give them a hug and thank them for being the prayer warriors they are. Don't forget they need our prayers as much as we need theirs.

In Him,

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yes To God Tuesday Posted on Thursday

Well here it is Thursday, and I am just now getting around to posting. God has really been dealing with me about the book "Behind Those Eyes" by Lisa Whittle. This study is being hosted by Lelia. Please be praying for these two wonderful women and their ministries.

I am going to be up front and honest with you and tell you that I have not completed Chapter Four on Ms. Happiness. I have been working on it, but God has taken me some place that I really want to share. I do hope that I can explain this the way God has revealed it to me.

Do any of you remember or have in your home the "circle of friends" candle holder? I think I use to have a Christmas one with Snow Men, but I can not find it, so I found this picture instead.

You place a small tea candle in the center and the light shines out around the "friends".

God has shown me that the "friends" in this circle are, The great pretender, Ms. Perfection, Ms. Confidence, Ms. Happiness, and all the others we will met along this journey. We are the candles in the center. You will notice that the "friends" are all facing in and not out. Why? To block and talk. Do you remember when Lelia said in a post about Ms. Perfection in the bathroom, Ms. Confidence at the door and Ms. Spiritually praying? You can read it here.

These ladies have to face in so they can attempt to keep us under control. They are constantly in our heads jabbering at us. I'm not saying we are doing the Sybil thing..Well that may be debatable for me. But they are trying to maintain their space. They also have the job of blocking the light of our testimony. They can not have us being real, vulnerable women who are willing to admit that we are not perfect, that we do not have it all together, and that while we may not have all the answers, we do know THE ONE WHO DOES.

If we hook on to what God is using this book to show us, guess what happens? God will work with us to deal with our "friends" and one by one we will see them surrender their place, and all that will be left is a scar and the base of the candle holder with a small tea candle that is shining for all the world to see.

Thank you so very much Lisa and Lelia. I get it, I finally get what God has been trying to show me and deal with in my life.

In Him,


Calling all Prayer Warriors

Ok Ladies, need some pray assistance please.

First please do not forget to be praying for all of the lovely ladies who left comments here, that have survived the death of a pregnancy, or of an infant. I heard a statement once about children and divorce that I think is very applicable here. Children do not ever accept a divorce, they learn to live with it. The same can be said for women whom have had survived either a miscarriage, or the death of an infant.

Second, as many of you know Rusty and I are attending our local Cowboy Church and that Rusty is playing in the praise band. In the past few days for some reason God has chosen to allow Rusty and I to be privy to information that we would rather not have. So now we have the responsibility to stand in the middle of all of this mess and believe God for a healing of our church leadership, and team members. That God will bring healing, wholeness, and that all will come together as one with the intention of serving God, one another, and our community.

Also Rusty was told tonight that the gentleman, he played with at the Cowboy Church gathering, and in church on Sunday morning was interested in having Rusty play with him. This is not first hand, straight from the horse's mouth but is third or fourth hand. This again came with additional information that we had rather not have and reflected badly on this gentleman.

Rusty and I both believe that God has planted us right where He wants us. And that we are there for a reason. Please join us in praying through these issues. All we want is for God to be glorified, and to step only where we see the Master Himself has stepped.

We love you and covet your prayers,
Rusty and Sallye

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Today Is

I am sorry that this post is so late.

Today is October 15, which is National Day of Remembrance for pregnancy and infant loss.

Angie at Bring the Rain wrote a beautiful post, and ask people to leave comments with the following information: Their name, the nature of their loss, and the child/children's names so that WE can pray for them.

Well, they did their part at the writing of this post there are 1487comments. Now WE need to do ours, and pray for these beautiful women.

Here is the direct link to that post. For the next 365 days, this link will be on all of my posts, reminding us to pray for these ladies, and if you felt lead to, please do not hesitate to clink on a comment and leave a word, even if all you say is "I am praying for you".


Saturday, October 11, 2008

I saw John Wayne.

Our church was part of an outdoor event today, that included chuck wagon cooking, Long Horn rides, and a mechanical bull. Oh, and John Wayne preached. Really it was a John Wayne impersonator, but he had the Duke down, the walk and the talk. Dutch oven cobbler, fire cooked beans, and fajitas were on the menu. We rode, ate, sang, and glorified God. The John Wayne impersonator brought a wonderful message on salvation, and several were saved. All in all it was a God filled day. We are tired, and smell like smoke and Long Horns, they are so cute you can't help but love on them. Hopefully I will have pictures to upload in the next couple of days.

In the mean time please be praying for my Rusty. One of the musical guests, was quite interested in Rusty and has ask him to play with him in church in the morning. Music is Rusty's first love, and to play full time with a gospel group, is a long time dream.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yes To God Tuesday

Thank you Lelia for hosting "Yes to God Tuesday" where we are currently studying Lisa Whittle's book "Behind Those Eyes".

In chapter three Lisa introduces us to Ms. Confidence. I do not think she is quite the "bud" that the Great Pretender in chapter one, or Ms. Perfection from chapter two have proven themselves to be in my life...but Ms. C does tend to show herself from time to time. I find it interesting that one of the root words of confidence is CON.

So just whom are we trying to con, when we put on the confidence suit? Ourselves or someone else? Why is it so important that we appear so strong and together on the outside, when we are doing the "jello jiggle" on the inside? Kind of reminds me of when Dorothy and gang finally got to see the great wizard, and when Toto pulled the curtain, the great wizard did everything within his power to maintain the image. Somewhere, somehow, someway the world has taught us Christian to equate weakness with words like wuss, wimp, weakling, pushover, spineless along with a huge assortment of other words, and noway nohow do we want to be associated with that. But it is in that very willingness to be weak, that we are given the strength not only to bear or endure, but to mount up and overcome.

I have to admit that I did own the Ms. Confidence suit, it's bright red, perfection was royal blue, so you could see me coming, and when I had it on, you better get behind or get run over. In some cases Ms. Confidence even had her own car, and would arrive before me, just to make sure everyone knew I was coming. The only thing bigger than Ms C, was her boyfriend Ego. But the Christmas of 1993 this all changed. I had my first breast biopsy, my father in law, whom my children adored, was in the hospital, for a routine procedure that went very wrong, resulting in him being clinically dead for 8.5 minutes, and Santa had no ideal where to come to or even when to come. Ms Confidence proved to be a very fickle friend, she fled the scene and took Ego with her. But when she left, God showed up, and that Christmas is one that to this day, my children still speak of with great fondness. The gifts weren't huge, and nothing was perfect, but we had each other, and we had peace. The biopsy was negative, and we were given 5 more years with my Father in Law before his passing. We had it all.

Don't get me wrong, Ego is still a very dear friend, and because of that Ms C is still close at hand, but when they get to out of control, God is faithful to bring something around, that will send them packing, and I am thankful when He does.

Lelia ask us to answer the following challenge question: "Is is hard for you to admit your vulnerabilities to others? To God?"

Lelia, if you had ask me this question before 1993, I would have said I do not have any vulnerabilities. I am woman hear me roar! I did not cry unless some one died or made me really really mad. Now, I have met God's grace, and when Ms C and her friends try to take over, I have grace to handle it.

In Him,


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Surrendering the Secret

Melinda is very graciously hosting a give away on her blog. I believe that this give away is so vital, that I have copied word for word what Melinda has posted on hers.

Do you know that one in every three women has had an abortion? In fact, 43% of women of child-bearing age have this secret. And I don't use the term "secret" lightly. While there is certainly a multitude of unbelieving women out there that tote this secret sadness in their hearts, there are as many BELIEVING women - FORGIVEN, SAVED WOMEN in YOUR CHURCH - who are walking around unhealed. Why? Because they are paralyzed by shame and fear at the thought of surrendering their secret.
You may remember my mentioning Pat Layton, my friend, and the founder of A Woman's Place Ministries in Tampa, Florida. With first-hand experience, she intimately understands the fear and heartache that surrounds women, post-abortion. After she was saved, she looked for material to help her and others heal, but there was none. So, she and God wrote a study that was used for 20 years at her crisis pregnancy center. This year, Surrendering the Secret was released in DVD form by Lifeway, in response to the thousands of hurting women that flooded the altar for prayer in this area, after each of their large events.
While I, personally, have never experienced this heartbreak, I know a LOT of women who have. I bet you do, too. The effects are so far-reaching. As you can imagine, with this situation often being shrouded in secret, even if a woman knows about this study and longs for healing, she's not likely to buy it herself. This is why our churches - EVERY ONE OF THEM - need to have a copy. This is where our giveaway comes in - a chance to win one for YOUR CHURCH!
God has recently impressed upon me that we, the blog community, can partner with Lifeway and Pat, to make a BIG DIFFERENCE in this area of secret pain. Just as He multiplied the five loaves to feed thousands (Mark 6:41-44), I'm believing that He will do the same with this giveaway of the Surrendering the Secret study. So, here it is:
Five (5) Winners
One (1) DVD Leader Kit (including DVD study, leader guide and one member book) PER WINNER
Twelve (12) Member Books PER WINNER
Click HERE to watch the promo video of the study.
Giveaway will run through Sunday, October 12th - WINNERS ANNOUNCED MONDAY, OCTOBER 13TH (per
Because it is my heart that the word get out to as many churches and people as possible, I'm going to give you two chances to win:
Leave a comment
Link the giveaway in a post on your own blog, then leave a SECOND comment, including the link to your post. This is NOT about blog promotion, but about spreading the word of healing!Other ways to get involved:
Tell your church about the study and work toward getting a copy purchased for their use, if you don't win.
Encourage your pastor to discuss abortion from the pulpit and include it in the sins mentioned from the pulpit that are forgiven through Christ. There are MANY women who walk away from a sermon feeling like their sin is unforgivable, simply because it's never mentioned.
Invite Pat to come and speak to your women's group and/or leadership about ministering to women in crisis, or to train your leaders to present this study.
Consider donating financially.
Join me in thanking God in advance for what He will do! Praise Him that He will multiply this small mustard seed of faith into a great movement of healing across our nation.
You can make a difference for someone else who is hurting - maybe even for yourself.
In His marvelous love,


Please register and link to your blog. Then go and spread the word. This is a secret that must come to the light to be healed. We must not judge or condemn these women, we must become part of the healing process which includes acceptance and forgiveness. If they don't see Christlikness in us, where in the world will they see it?


Friday, October 3, 2008

I have been rearranging

I have been rearranging some things on my blog. I glanced at my profile when I moved it, and realized that I forgot to share mine and Rusty's anniversary. I didn't forget to tell him. But I forgot to post on Wednesday, that we have been married 26 years. I have been sitting and thinking about these years, and my first thought is where did they go, we just got married a couple of years ago.

I remember an August evening, we were at a bar dancing, and I looked at him and ask "What would you do if I told you that I am falling in love with you?" He replied "fall right back."

We married in October and never looked back.

This is the man that introduced me to Jesus, took my child from my first marriage and claim her as his own.

We have been through rough and easy. And ya know now, when I sit and look back. The rough times have been some of the best. God has carried us as a man carries his son. God has in some of the rough times gotten it down to where it was just me, Rusty, and God. Those were the best, when you don't have anyone but your spouse and God...Let me just say it's a time of growth and clinging.

He's not perfect, and I thank God, because perfect would not suit me. But I can promise you that Rusty is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received from God, and like I tell Rusty, I couldn't have done better, if I had gone to the factory and designed him myself.

Thanks Honey, you are my best friend, and the love of my life.

Rusty's wife.

I got this award months ago Thank You Angie

I got this sweet award from Angie months and months ago before I figured out how to right click and save and how to do hyber links. Yes I am a little slow. So I went back and picked it up and brought it home where it belongs. To show Angie that I do love her, and that she could send me scrap pieces of paper and it would mean the world to me.

Angie- you are the bestest as my gbaby says. I am honored and humbled to receive this from you. I am truely blessed to count you among my sisters.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tag, You're it

Michelle tagged me with this lovely blog award. Thank you Michelle, so now I have to pass it on along with the game rules.

Answer these questions with one word answers

Where is your cellphone? Desk

Where is your signficant other? Home

Your hair color? Brown

Your Mother? Lost

Your Father? Deceased

Your Favorite Thing? Salvation

Your dream/goal? Israel

The room you're in? Office

Your hobby? None

Your Fear? None

Where do you want to be in 6 years? Retired

Where were you last night? Friends

What you're not? Holy

One of your wish items? Israel

The last thing you did? Work

What are you wearing? Clothes

Your TV? Off

Your Pet? cat

Your Computer? on

Your Mood? Good

Missing Someone? No

Your Car? Tahoe

Something you're not wearing but love to wear? Tshirt

Favorite Store? Mardel

Your Summer? Short

Love Someone? Husband

Your Favorite Color? Green

When was the last time you laughed? Today

When was the last time you cried? Just now reading Stacie's blog

Now to tag 7 other people. So I will pick Donna, because she gets to go see Ms. Beth again, Rachel, because I love her honesty, Missy, because she makes me smile, Nancy, because she makes me want to dig into the Word, Leigh, because she gets me on my knees, Lelia, because I want to grow up and be like her. And Stacie, because she needs our prayer support so very much right now.