Saturday, December 13, 2008

My 50th Birthday. 50 things you may not know about me

Today is the big 50 half a century of life under my belt. Hard to believe. So today I will share 50 things that you may not know about me.

1. I am left handed.

2. I am twice married, once divorced.

3. I have worked for the same company for nearly 30 years.

4. I am sooooo ready to be retired from above company and go do something else.

5. I am a romantic.

6. I am not a house keeper. My favorite saying is "I am not domesticated, I just live in a house"

7. I love my sleep.

8. I am still driving the second new car Rusty and I ever purchased.

9. I was born and raised in the same community that I have lived in for the majority of my past 50 years.

10. I am a middle child.

11. My Mother is still alive.

12. I have an older brother and a younger sister.

13. I am the only one out of the three that is currently in a relationship with Christ.

14. Rusty and I are the only ones with children on either side of our family.

15. I am a cat person.

16. I have more than my share but don't know who I would part with.

17. I have no tattoos anywhere on my person.

18. I do not like or watch reality TV.

19. My TV is on less than 2 hours a day.

20. I love to read.

21. I have only flown 4 times in my life.

22. The first time I flew was 5 years ago when I went to Israel.

23. I love the beach.

24. I do not like cold weather.

25. I do not like hot weather.

26. I love to watch lightening storms.

27. I can drive an 18 wheeler.

28. My mother nearly lost me in 1968 at the World's Fair in San Antonio TX. I went one way at the top of the Tower of Americas and they went the other. Of course it was her fault.

29. My Father was killed in Viet Nam in 1967.

30. I received his recovered dog tag in December of 2005.

31. I graduated from high school in 1977.

32. I have been married over half my life.

33. I was 21 years old, married with a child of my own, and I would pack my bag walk across the parking lot and spend the night with my grandmother.

34. I love to play card games.

35. I was raised by a bridge playing family.

36. I do not know how to play bridge or have a desire to learn.

37. With the exception of my appendix, I have all my original pieces parts.

38. I am a very strong willed person.

39. I can be a very unkind person.

40. I am not a saver.

41. I do not put up a Christmas Tree.

42. I love long soaks in the tub.

43. I love to swim.

44. My favorite book is the Bible.

45. I do not have a favorite scripture, because it changes with the situations in my life.

46. I have had two breast biopsy's both were negative.

48. I was a perfect size 7 when I married in 1977.

49. I am a Memee and I had a Memee.

50. I am blessed and highly favored regardless of what is going on in my life.

Hope you enjoyed this. I did,

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Donna @ Way More Homemade said...

Well Happy Birthday. I don't think I realized it. Love you sister!