Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oh to be home for Christmas

Oh to be home for Christmas. To be able to stand on the Temple Mount on Christmas Day and celebrate the birth of our Savior. To be able to walk up to this wall and to touch it again and to know that my hand rest on a place that my Jesus' hand also rested. I am so home sick. Home sick for heaven and for Israel. To be in the Garden and to pray over the city of Jerusalem. To sit on the steps outside the southern wall. To stand on the Mount of Olives and to see the Eastern Gate that my Jesus will one day walk through. Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem. To dip my toes in the Jordan, and to sail across the Galilee. To float on the Dead Sea, and see Mt Moab. To walk through the ruins at Capernaum and Caesarea by the Sea. Drive by the Tanner's house in Joppa. To stand again on Mt Carmel, to sit again on the grass where the Sermon on the Mount was taught. Or stand on Masada and watch Israeli Jets fly below you. I wanna go home. I want to live in Tiberias, or in Haifa. I would even settle for Tel Aviv if you would just give me an address to call my own. Oh to be home for Christmas.

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Lelia Chealey said...

Oh friend...I can't even imagine living where Christ physically lived once. Wow. Beautiful picture. Beautiful words you wrote.'d be home sick there too because He is preparing your real home for you as we seek Him.;&version=65;

Hugs my friend,