Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ok, I have to brag

Patience and I went to Plainview today, so she could visit her husband. We stopped in Lubbock on the way home and visited two of my favorite stores Mardel and Lifeway. I picked up the Me Myself and Lies workbook by Jennifer Rothschild for the LPM Summer Bible Study at Lifeway. But, I hit the jackpot at Mardel. See what I got for the sum of 66 dollars and some change.

Please look closely at the second picture. I scored an ESV Leather Bound Study Bible for $22.99, thank you Jesus!!! The front of the box has a sticker on it that says misprint.

When I die and get to heaven, my dream job would be the position of caretaker for all the Bibles that have also died and gone to heaven. Jews believe that anything that has God or any of the forms of our Heavenly Father's name written in it or on it can not be thrown away, but have to be buried. So, I want the job of caring for these wonderful friends that have been entrusted to us, to encourage, grow, correct and point us to Jesus.

If you know anything about me at all, it's that I am a Bible person. I love them, and I love to give them away. I do not know who this Bible is meant for, but until it's rightful person comes along I will enjoy it, and praise God for the gift of it. I am also a big believer in Discipleship. I think that when someone makes a profession of faith, that you should place a Bible in one hand and an accountability partner in the other. When you introduce someone to Christ, their reality is changed, and until they get their feet under them, they need someone to help this new reality stick. We are losing way to many people because of a lack of one on one discipleship (sorry I will get off that soapbox). Anyway if you are looking for a wonderful discipleship tool, my I introduce you to the New Believers Bible it was also included in my jackpot find. This is a Bible that I truly believe in for new believer or people seeking God. I have personally seen this Bible bring people to Christ.

I also picked up Anne Jackson's new book Mad Church Disease and can not wait to start it. If you live in or around the Lubbock TX area, she is going to be speaking at Turning Point Community Church on July 5th and in Dallas TX at The Oaks Church on July 12th. I found Anne when she was in India with Compassion International. A woman of God she is.

Then on top of that God blessed me with some good girlfriend time with Patience. The only way this day could get any better is if Jesus came and said let's go. If only it were today, me and my Bibles long for home.


Raechel said...

Great finds, Sallye! The English Standard Version is my very favorite version of the Bible. I also loved what you had to say about discipleship - preach it, sister!

Thanks so much for sharing your finds!


Melissa in Mel's World said... looks like you hit the jackpot there Sallye! I too LOVE having multiple copies of the Bible (how truly blessed are we?), so I was extremely excited about your bonus!

Thanks for sharing them with us!

Melissa in Mel's World