Wednesday, August 20, 2008

God is teaching me

Before I get to what God is teaching me, I have a huge huge praise report. As many of you know, Rusty has been involved in an Internet affair on and off for the past several months. We did split up over this for a very short period of time. Well things finally came to a head, and he has broken off the affair, and we have recommitted ourselves to each other and to our marriage.

This past weekend we were at church and our pastor and praise team were at a Cowboy retreat, so there was no praise team. A woman that we attended church with at another church walked up to us after the service, and ask why Rusty was not playing the drums. Rusty said because he was not ask. Well she marched straight to the one praise team person that was there and ask why they were not using Rusty. The gentleman ended up taking Rusty phone number, and called and ask him to practice. So Rusty got to practice with the praise team today, and will be playing either bass or drums in church. This is huge to me because, after all we have been through in the past few months, and all the prayer that I and others have offered up for us, this is the blessing that we get. It reconnects Rusty with God and male companionship, and allows him to be used in a way he really loves. God is just so good.

So now to what He has been teaching me. I am working on Battlefield of the Mind with several ladies, Lynn is hosting this, see my side bar for her blog. And one of the things that God is showing me is how connected what we have in our mind and heart is to what we have in our mouth. Scripture tells us it is out of the abundance of our heart that we speak. Anyway. God reminded me that years ago when the sh word was my favorite word, my Mother would tell me you have in your mouth what I would not hold in my hand. So explain to me why the Apple of God's eye, His treasure, the one He gave His Son to die for would choose to have something in her mouth that she would not hold in her hand. I have a picture of this in my mind of either the treasures that God gives or the manure we give ourselves. So which would you rather have in your mouth and in your hand?

Me I am getting the big shovel out and cleaning the stalls so to speak, and I am going to take this clean and swept house and fill it with the Word, the joy of the Lord, and praise and worship that lifts the spirit of myself and others. I will refuse to be a light that is hidden under the manure that the enemy keeps trying to shovel my way. I am at the top of the hill and not the bottom, and we all know what the saying about manure and hills is.

I am so blessed I just almost can not contain it.

In Him,

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