Saturday, August 2, 2008

I saw love today

I saw love today. I am still smoking and since it is not allowed in the house, we smoke on the front porch. This morning, as I was smoking, and thinking, I saw a small bird laying about 10 feet from me. You could tell that sadly the bird was dying. This was just a baby, and I thought how sad, I will wait till it breathes it's last, then pick it up and place it in the trash. Then I saw the most amazing thing. Both the Momma and Daddy bird came to check on their baby. The momma, she is a mourning dove, got right up next to the baby and comforted/guarded it. The daddy in the mean time is going in circles around them cooing. This is love. The momma stayed till the end and the daddy was about 2 feet away and waited. These are wild animals, and as I came in and out of the house neither of them moved. They just waited cooed and covered. Once the baby died, I got a small cuptowel wrapped her up and placed her in a box. The Momma and Daddy are out in the tree in front singing their praises to the Lord even in this sad event they are able to lift their voices to the Lord. What a testimony.


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beyond this moment said...

That's so sweet. What a lesson!