Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More prayers needed.

****PRAISE GOD****

Miss Magan may get to go home tomorrow. The large place on her back has drained and is looking very good. The one on the shoulder is now the concern, but is draining and looking better. Thank you thank you thank you for your prayers and support. Our God is an awesome God and all glory belongs to him.

Daughter Magan is in the hospital, she has contracted MSR8, the staph strain that is antibiotic resistant. She is in pain, and very scared that her husband and their two babies 3 years and 5 months will get this also. Magan is having a very hard time being away from her babies. Please be praying for healing and protection.



Momofsix said...

Dear Lord-
We lift Magan to you. We lift this whole family to you. We bind satan in Jesus Name, who seems to be attaching from every side! Lord we ask that you heal Magan so she can return to her family, her children! We ask that you protect the children from contracting this! Lord you are the great and might healer! We love you Lord and know that you are in control!

In Jesus Name

I love you Siesta!

Karen said...

Dear Salley,

I am praying for your daughter.


- Karen