Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Is it Thursday yet?

Tomorrow Patience and I leave to attend Joyce Meyer in Dallas. We were talking earlier today about how we should have left today. We are both so anxious to get there and hear G-d speak to us. So question to myself is why am I waiting for Joyce to speak to me? Why can't I just go to G-d and say please speak to me? Could it be because I don't want to hear Him? I don't trust myself or that if it comes from a man/woman of G-d it has more weight? Probably all of the above. G-d is moving me, I can see it and feel it. Still just standing on the edge of the table not willing to jump, and I know that the table is fixin to start tilting-so will I jump in to the waiting arms of my Savior, or will I run back to the other end of the table thinking it will level it back out.

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