Thursday, July 24, 2008

Need some prayer please

Update--Son called and said that his winter boss/hunting guide, said that he would front son money to fix pickup, and that Son can work on the weekends till hunting season to pay back. Thank you Father for answered prayer- You are in control

Son found out today, that to get truck fixed is going to cost between $400 to $600. Was not the transmission, but the computer that runs engine and transmission. Funds needed to pay for this, favor with the garage to possible be cheaper.

Healing between Son and Rusty. They are still not speaking. Rusty has reached out a couple of times since the move out/move in weekend, but Son is not over his mad/hurt.

Job for Rusty. A job at a furniture shop has come open again. Rusty would be perfect for the job. Christian boss, assembling furniture, lifting required. Weekends also. Desire for Rusty to apply for the job.

Patience and Michael. Michael is back on the drugs and off the marriage. They are living appart. There is no peace in this marriage. It is either really good or really bad.

Continued healing in mine and Rusty's marriage, guidance regarding counseling, and family coaching.

Growth for me.


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debrah said...

I am praying for you. I dropped by your blog last week to say Hi but each time my comment didn't go through...I have been having that happen on other blogs also...not sure why.
Be Blessed,