Monday, July 7, 2008


I am not real computer savvy or I would have a HUGE picture of people dancing and singing on this post.

Only Son and middle child, pickup's transmission gave up on him last week. $2,600.00 first time around to fix it. Warranty expired on June 25th 2008 and as you can tell today is July 7th 2008. Rusty's brother very kindly paid for the first one, but he like all the rest of us, did not have an additional 26 hundred laying around to replace again.

BUT, Glory to GOD, the guy at the transmission placed called today and has decided to honor the warranty any way and fix the transmission for FREE, yes you heard correctly F-R-E-E. God is good all the time. Proof positive that God is concerned with every aspect of our lives, and that if you will give it to God, and let Him handle it, He will.

I will be honest, I was stressing this, but I kept saying God, You are in control and You do have a plan to resolve this. Please keep us out of the way so You can work.

We are a singin and a shoutin...


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