Monday, July 28, 2008

Please be praying for my Rusty

Rusty interviewed for the job at the furniture store today. He had one of three interviews today. I am believing that the manger is very intrested in Rusty, but his limited vision is a problem. The regional manager is suppose to be here this week and she wants to talk to him before Rusty does either of the next two interview. I believe that this job would be perfect for Rusty, but am trying to keep the mantra going in my head that God is in control.

Also Rusty is not well, I do not know what is wrong with him, but he is not himself. He goes to the Dr on Friday. He is not eating like he usually does, he is not as talkative and teasing toward me as normal. And his sleep pattern is all messed. I know that part of it is depression. And I think part of it might be that he is still worried/scared that I am going to get mad and give him the boot. Which is not going to happen. Please be lifting him to our Father.



Michelle V said...


I'm praying!!!


beyond this moment said...

Depression can wreak havoc with EVERYTHING. I will be praying for him.

Grace to you,