Friday, September 5, 2008

Brag time

OK, I have to brag on my man. He is so teaching me what it means to take the high road. As many of you may know, he has been playing in our church praise band. He is a drummer by trade, but at this church has had a chance to play bass, which he does by ear.

The band practiced this past Thursday, and the J, who normally plays the drums was unable to attend practice, so Rusty played some. Everyone was awed by his ability to play the drums, (he's only been doing this for about 35 years). Several of the band members wanted Rusty to either take over the job of playing drums, or tell the drummer how to play. Rusty said no to both. He said and I quote " This is not my position, this is J's position, and to tell him how to do this will just upset him, and make him feel unwanted and unworthy and I am not going to be part of that. I am here to play bass, and if and when God chooses then I will play the drums, until then leave it alone."

I am so proud of and humbled by my man. He took the high road!!!


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Michelle V said...

Oh I love that, Sallye!