Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I am over the Moon!!!!

I am over the moon. My youngest child is going to make us grandparents again!!!!

This will be their 3rd blessing. Gbaby T told me it was a girl baby when I ask her what it's name is. I am pushing for Elizabeth Lane...we can call her EL

Please join me in praying for my baby girl and this new blessing. Baby girl is RH negative, and she miscarried between baby one and three. Also she got pregnant while she was on the high powered antibiotics from the Staph infection. God is so good and He gives you just what you need when you need it.



beyond this moment said...

congratulations grandma!

Momofsix said...

Congrats my friend- what a blessing it is to have more of God's heritage. What is the biggest blessings is that they have you as a grandma- to help build the foundation in Christ!!
Praise the Lord!