Saturday, September 13, 2008

How does this apply to me?

I found this quote on Facebook and I love it. I am wondering now what this quote looks like in a woman of God's life.

What kind of woman of God is one that the enemy is afraid of every morning when she wakes up? And yes the enemy can and should be afraid of us. If he's not, well then, I had better be on my face before God wonder what is wrong with me, that the enemy is not before God trying to get permission to attack me.

I am in the process of doing Beth Moore's study Stepping Up. And through this study and Battlefield of the mind I am hoping and praying that this quote will become a reality in my life.



JnL4God said...

Hi My Friend,
Hey good reminder that we need to make the devil tremble.
Thanks for the mention of the study too. I should have a new post up today. (I really hope)

Lelia Chealey said...

OH, I love that sign! Really makes you think.
I too desire to be the type of woman after God that makes the enemy nervous. Thanks for the realness of this post!

So glad you'll be doing the YES to GOD Tuesday study of "Behind Those Eyes"! I'm believing God will show out like never before!
Have a great rest of the week!

Paula said...

That is awesome! I've popped over via Lelia's page and am glad that I did. Imagine the impact we Christian women are having in the enemy's world when we all wake up! It's a good thing we're all in different time zones!

I'm currently reading the last part of "Battlefield of the Mind" but am going to re-read it and do the Bible study book as well. It has certainly helped me in my daily battle with my mind and the enemy's hold on it.

Love In Him, Paula