Thursday, September 4, 2008

Quick prayer request please

Quick prayer request.

Oldest daughter is having surgery in the morning. They are going to remove a polyp from her cervix, and burn the lining out of her uterus. She is all of 28, but has a very high risk of cancer, from both her bio father and myself, especially breast cancer. The Dr is wanting her off of birth control and with the problems she is having with her periods, this is the first step toward a hysterectomy. This surgery works in about 50% of the time.

Middle son is leaving at 4am to drive 13 hours to Colorado for a hunting trip. They will be there Saturday to Monday driving home 13 hours after camping and hunting.

Thank you so much for your prayers. They are the cushion we walk on through the problem.

In Him,

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Momofsix said...

Dear Heavenly Father
We lift up Sallye daughter to you Lord- She is so young Lord to be having all these issues! Lord you are the mighty healer! You can heal her body. Help her Lord in this time- give her strength, peace, and most of all understanding!

We also ask that you protect Sallye son as he heads out for a hunting trip. Keep him safe Lord on the trip and while he is hunting.

WE ask this in Jesus name

Love you girl!