Thursday, May 7, 2009

Whole Heart Faith Day 2

Boy when I ask God for something with my whole heart, He will do it!!! Stayed up way to late last night and did not get up early enough for my quiet time, or so I thought. God told me this morning that I arrange Him around my day instead of my day around Him. So I didn't make it in to work as early as I thought I would. But the quiet time was well worth it. God is also gently telling me that I have chosen not to surround myself with godly people in my day to day real life. I place them on the side lines and let them cheer me on while I walk with people that know God, but do not KNOW God.

I want to do this thing to serve only Him, to dethrone foreign gods and idols. I have, in reading through Judges tsked the Israelites for not following God continually. Over and over it talks about how with no leader, the Israelites turned to other gods. God informed me that I have done this exact same thing over and over. It should not take a man to lead me into a real relationship with God.

Scripture that God has brought to my attention a couple of times in the past few days is Joshua 18:3 Then Joshua said to them children of Israel, "How long will you neglect to go in and possess the land which the LORD God has given you?"

I can't hold what I do not possess, and I can't possess what I do not fight for. I have to fight for my relationship with God so that it has meaning and value.

I am off to do dishes, get ready for bed and spend some time in the Word.

Leigh, Dori, and Denise, I am praying for you as I know that you are praying for me.

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