Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yes To God Tuesday

Thank you Lelia for hosting "Yes to God Tuesday" where we are currently studying Lisa Whittle's book "Behind Those Eyes".

In chapter three Lisa introduces us to Ms. Confidence. I do not think she is quite the "bud" that the Great Pretender in chapter one, or Ms. Perfection from chapter two have proven themselves to be in my life...but Ms. C does tend to show herself from time to time. I find it interesting that one of the root words of confidence is CON.

So just whom are we trying to con, when we put on the confidence suit? Ourselves or someone else? Why is it so important that we appear so strong and together on the outside, when we are doing the "jello jiggle" on the inside? Kind of reminds me of when Dorothy and gang finally got to see the great wizard, and when Toto pulled the curtain, the great wizard did everything within his power to maintain the image. Somewhere, somehow, someway the world has taught us Christian to equate weakness with words like wuss, wimp, weakling, pushover, spineless along with a huge assortment of other words, and noway nohow do we want to be associated with that. But it is in that very willingness to be weak, that we are given the strength not only to bear or endure, but to mount up and overcome.

I have to admit that I did own the Ms. Confidence suit, it's bright red, perfection was royal blue, so you could see me coming, and when I had it on, you better get behind or get run over. In some cases Ms. Confidence even had her own car, and would arrive before me, just to make sure everyone knew I was coming. The only thing bigger than Ms C, was her boyfriend Ego. But the Christmas of 1993 this all changed. I had my first breast biopsy, my father in law, whom my children adored, was in the hospital, for a routine procedure that went very wrong, resulting in him being clinically dead for 8.5 minutes, and Santa had no ideal where to come to or even when to come. Ms Confidence proved to be a very fickle friend, she fled the scene and took Ego with her. But when she left, God showed up, and that Christmas is one that to this day, my children still speak of with great fondness. The gifts weren't huge, and nothing was perfect, but we had each other, and we had peace. The biopsy was negative, and we were given 5 more years with my Father in Law before his passing. We had it all.

Don't get me wrong, Ego is still a very dear friend, and because of that Ms C is still close at hand, but when they get to out of control, God is faithful to bring something around, that will send them packing, and I am thankful when He does.

Lelia ask us to answer the following challenge question: "Is is hard for you to admit your vulnerabilities to others? To God?"

Lelia, if you had ask me this question before 1993, I would have said I do not have any vulnerabilities. I am woman hear me roar! I did not cry unless some one died or made me really really mad. Now, I have met God's grace, and when Ms C and her friends try to take over, I have grace to handle it.

In Him,



Connie said...


So wonderfully said. God is faithful and he loves that we are focusing on Him.


Lisa said...

Thank you for your honesty in this post. I loved it and love having you as part of this study!

Psalm 26:3!
Lisa :)

Michelle V said...

Great stuff! I have so much trouble when I put my confidence in God and I lay my issues at His feet, but I have people around me who think that is weakness and that I'm just rolling over and not doing anything, but that is SO not true!


Carol said...

Sallye, I love the way you share your heart. The humor and truth, it really brings it home. It's so true when we start hanging out with those 3 God thankfully sends them away. Now if I could just stop inviting back over.


Way More Homemade said...

Sounds like a book I'm going to have to get. The NOG study this summer really had the Holy Spirit convicting me of these exact types of things. Thanks for sharing your heart and your story.


LynnSC said...

"I find it interesting that one of the root words of confidence is CON."

Well... thank you so much for pointing that out, changes our thinking doesn't it?? Great catch.

God is so faithful to meet us right where we need it. I am glad to be on this journey with you ladies.

AnooCre8ion said...

Hi Sallye, I am so grateful to God for 'meeting' all of you ladies here in cyber-space

Thank you for opening up and sharing your heart. It's reassuring to know that you are not in this alone.


Pamela (MrsJoeB) said...

I am touched by your story and how it humbled you to replace Ms C and her friend Ego. It was tough then but it is now a great witness of God in your life! Keep being real!!

In His Graces~Pamela

Tammy R said...

You are so right,who are we trying to...CON
I never looked at the word 'confidence' like that before.
Your statment: But it is in that very willingness to be weak,that we are given the strength not only to bear or endure,but to mount up and overcome.So true!

I enjoyed reading your thoughts and the way you mixed humor in with the truth.