Sunday, October 19, 2008

What a good wife I am not.

Please do not forget to be lifting up the Ladies in prayer whom have left comments on Angie's blog, as of this posting there are nearly 2000 comments. Please visit Angie's blog and if God leads you leave encouraging comments for these lovely ladies on their blogs.

What a good wife I am not...Rusty and I have just returned from the arena dedication at our church. We had a chuck wagon dinner, grand entry, exhibition by the Arena Angel Stick Horse team, and some roping. We rode, we ate, we sang. We are Baptist after all. Don't know which hurts worse, by behind, or my feet. I am writing this sitting on the front porch. Poor Rusty has made about 10 trips from the Tahoe to the house unloading saddles, tack, bass, guitar stands, cords, and other things, I told him I would help, but I think he is almost done. As am I with this post. All the doors on the Tahoe are closed and I think I just heard it lock. Guess I better go check and see if he needs my help.


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