Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yes To God Tuesday Posted on Thursday

Well here it is Thursday, and I am just now getting around to posting. God has really been dealing with me about the book "Behind Those Eyes" by Lisa Whittle. This study is being hosted by Lelia. Please be praying for these two wonderful women and their ministries.

I am going to be up front and honest with you and tell you that I have not completed Chapter Four on Ms. Happiness. I have been working on it, but God has taken me some place that I really want to share. I do hope that I can explain this the way God has revealed it to me.

Do any of you remember or have in your home the "circle of friends" candle holder? I think I use to have a Christmas one with Snow Men, but I can not find it, so I found this picture instead.

You place a small tea candle in the center and the light shines out around the "friends".

God has shown me that the "friends" in this circle are, The great pretender, Ms. Perfection, Ms. Confidence, Ms. Happiness, and all the others we will met along this journey. We are the candles in the center. You will notice that the "friends" are all facing in and not out. Why? To block and talk. Do you remember when Lelia said in a post about Ms. Perfection in the bathroom, Ms. Confidence at the door and Ms. Spiritually praying? You can read it here.

These ladies have to face in so they can attempt to keep us under control. They are constantly in our heads jabbering at us. I'm not saying we are doing the Sybil thing..Well that may be debatable for me. But they are trying to maintain their space. They also have the job of blocking the light of our testimony. They can not have us being real, vulnerable women who are willing to admit that we are not perfect, that we do not have it all together, and that while we may not have all the answers, we do know THE ONE WHO DOES.

If we hook on to what God is using this book to show us, guess what happens? God will work with us to deal with our "friends" and one by one we will see them surrender their place, and all that will be left is a scar and the base of the candle holder with a small tea candle that is shining for all the world to see.

Thank you so very much Lisa and Lelia. I get it, I finally get what God has been trying to show me and deal with in my life.

In Him,


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Anonymous said...

ooooohhhh this is VERY good!!

Lord, let our light shine past these facades that we put up!

thanks for your insight!

blessings to you,