Thursday, October 16, 2008

Calling all Prayer Warriors

Ok Ladies, need some pray assistance please.

First please do not forget to be praying for all of the lovely ladies who left comments here, that have survived the death of a pregnancy, or of an infant. I heard a statement once about children and divorce that I think is very applicable here. Children do not ever accept a divorce, they learn to live with it. The same can be said for women whom have had survived either a miscarriage, or the death of an infant.

Second, as many of you know Rusty and I are attending our local Cowboy Church and that Rusty is playing in the praise band. In the past few days for some reason God has chosen to allow Rusty and I to be privy to information that we would rather not have. So now we have the responsibility to stand in the middle of all of this mess and believe God for a healing of our church leadership, and team members. That God will bring healing, wholeness, and that all will come together as one with the intention of serving God, one another, and our community.

Also Rusty was told tonight that the gentleman, he played with at the Cowboy Church gathering, and in church on Sunday morning was interested in having Rusty play with him. This is not first hand, straight from the horse's mouth but is third or fourth hand. This again came with additional information that we had rather not have and reflected badly on this gentleman.

Rusty and I both believe that God has planted us right where He wants us. And that we are there for a reason. Please join us in praying through these issues. All we want is for God to be glorified, and to step only where we see the Master Himself has stepped.

We love you and covet your prayers,
Rusty and Sallye


beyond this moment said...

Praying friend!!!

debrah said...

Hi Sallye:
Just prayed for you,rusty and your church leadership...will continue to keep it all in prayer. How wonderful that we serve a God who is able to order and direct our steps. May God give you wisdom,discernment and ability to gracefully advise people when they are about to give you information that you would rather not tell them you would rather not know(In a graceful,loving, gentle and compassionate way)...sorry that you are going through this - sometimes people in order provide some relief for themselves they let us in on information that is none of our business...I join you in prayer in giving it all back to the Lord...if and when He wants to use this information through you-He will make away...