Friday, May 16, 2008

Healing on the Sabbath

Luke 6:6-11. This is one of my favorite miracles. I can just imagine Jesus being in the synagogue. The scribes and Pharisees there watching to see what he will do. and yet the main one in this is the hand of a man. The withered right hand of a man. Did this man know who Jesus was, or had he heard about a healer that really worked? He was willing to go against Jewish law in search of a miracle. And guess what, Jesus didn't break the Sabbath..He never in this section of scriptures said either your sins are forgiven or you are healed. Jesus simply told the man to stretch out your hand. Now to me this is where the wow comes in. The scribes and Pharisees have seen Jesus heal before and were probably leaning forward in their seats just waiting for the your sins are forgiven or you are healed statements, but instead they see a man stretch forth his hand and watch it be extra words needed..Just the love of God in the shape of a man, poured out on a hand. And the scribes and Pharisees all in an uproar storm out, all bent, their pucker factor was probably in the double digits, because Jesus healed without saying a word. Can you imagine what Jesus' eyes were saying to this man, the look of love, compassion, and forgiveness that was spoken without a single word.

How many times has God spoke to me this way through the looks of those He sets in my path, and how many times have I missed it, because I was all bent because I didn't get the words.

They say that actions speak louder than words. The feet were raging and the hand was praising.

I love the Word. I am in the process of learning to be a person of the Word. Hardest thing for me right now is finding time to spend in the Word. I can climb in a secular book, or surf the web doing the blog thing..self discipline is very lacking..

Email sent to Hollye..I think that Tanner and I are racing to see who will have some type of surgery first. Tanner is set to have his first colonoscopy the 24th of June. Poor kid complained to me that was what all 23 year olds need to have done. They are also going to do an upper GI. Throwing up and blood in stool. Dr said not enough blood for an ulcer, but enough for there to be a problem either in the stomach or small intestine. Dr called today and said CT scan shows a small tublar growth where appendix use to be..has to go back to surgeon for his review and/or decision what to do. Reminded them that this hurts..and has since appendix surgery. Rusty, Cindy, and Patience are as feed up with this as I am, have had some type of problem since January 30, and here it is May already...

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