Saturday, May 24, 2008

Well this is not pretty

Where to begin? Today was the first day of the part time job that I have taken. It went pretty good and I am very excited to be doing it. So if ya'll are ever in Wal Mart and see my name tag say hi.

That is the good part.

The bad part is very very bad, and I am ashamed to admit it, but I am going to follow scripture and confess my sins to one another.

Long story short. Husband Rusty had an accident today and cut his arm. Praise God he is fine LVN daughter looked at it cleaned it up real good and said to go to Dr on Tuesday and get tetanus shot, that it did not need any stitches, but with Rusty's diabetes would need to watch it.

Now miss me comes totally unglued over this whole issue and this is where the big time major sin comes in. I cussed, yelled, and struck my husband. I am angry at him for several reasons, the biggest one being that I am having to take a second job while he has not one. I thought that I had dealt with this...well duh looks like not so. God reminded me this morning, that we were very blessed that Rusty was able to work for 7 years outside the home. He is legally blind, can not obtain an TX DL, is not eligible for any type of Government assistance. There is a crack that he falls in. But a supervisor at Sitel was willing to take a chance on Rusty and hired him to do building maintenance for 7 years till they did away with his job. So now we just need to find someone that is willing to take a chance on him again. All of this is bothering him big time. On top of that my sister calls and tells me I need to get an attorney so that Rusty can not take advantage of me. Plus 2 of 3 kids are not happy over this either. So not only am I mad a Rusty, I have to protect him for everyone else at the same time. God I am so tired of this. So now as Joyce Meyer would say we have wounding on top of wounding. Uncontrolled anger is a very big issue with me and it do get ugly. We both have our feelings hanging out and you touch you get bit.

So please be praying for us. But mostly please be praying that Rusty will be able to forgive me.


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Michelle V said...


I'm praying for you all! What a very difficult situation! I have to give certain situations over to God on a daily basis because I have such a tendency to take it back and get ugly again. When things get really bad financially around here I start getting bitter and angry again at my ex husband for not paying and then at the state for not doing anything about it and I end up getting really, really ugly all over again. I've had a few temper tantrums over it myself! I was praying for you yesterday and your new job and I'm so glad that went well, but I am SO sorry to hear about the rest of it. I'll be praying for that situation as well!