Sunday, June 8, 2008

I AM so you don't have to be Lesson 10

I AM Study Lesson Ten
‘Keeping it in the Family’

Background Passage :
Exodus 32:9-14

Focal Verse:

"Why should the Egyptians speak, saying, 'With evil intent He brought them out to kill them in the mountains and to destroy them from the face of the earth? Turn from your burning anger and change Your mind about doing harm to Your people." Exodus 32:12

Lisa writes:

God's longsuffering will never undermine His divine judgement. I know I have walked in seasons of disobedience that I do not know why God didn't knock me flat on my back immediately. I truly believe He wanted me to experience a full range of consequences before He finally put an end to my obstinance. Because of the ministry to women I believe He has given me, it has been necessary to understand in great detail different issues you may be facing. I have found myself in messes and thought, "Why in the world am I in this awful place?"

His response? And I do mean one of the most clear responses I have ever received from the Lord? "For her."

I have been walking in this season of disobedience, and I stupidly thought that God would not “see”. I am now in a season of reaping what I have sown, and boy am I reaping a whirlwind. Could that be why the wind will not quit blowing here?

Discussion Questions:

1. Have you ever experienced trials that were best dealt with "in the family" for either your reputation's sake or God's? You may still choose to leave them there, but you are welcome to share if you are comfortable.
I think that at times God has tried to keep things “in the family” , but I whined to all that would listen, making something private very public. Guess this something God is still working with on me.

2. Have you ever found yourself in a bizarre circumstance and later were able to walk someone through the same/similar situation? Did you recognize the hand of God in it?
I would not call the m bizarre circumstances, but I was later able to walk with someone through the same/similar situation. Yes I saw God’s had when I was in the situation, and when I walked the friend through it.

3. I was in my late twenties before I ever let myself believe God was for me instead of waiting to smack me upside the head everytime I made a mistake. Do you truly believe God is on your side?
This is a hard one, I would like to say that I have always know that God was for me, and in my heart of hearts I guess I have always known it, but it was not always walked out in my life.
4. If God has ever had you in the Holy Spirit Chokehold (and who hasn't He?), how have you reacted to God's chastisement? Were you bitter? Brokenhearted? Grateful?
Like any strong willed child, I screamed hollered and threw a fit. When the situation only became worse, I came into line. Sometimes I think I still get angry over it.

5. Write a brief prayer of Thanksgiving for God's longsuffering.
Father God, Thank you so much for your longsuffering. Father I know that most of the time I can be a trial to You. Thank you that You never give up on me. That you wait patiently for me to see things from your view point.

This has been an interesting lesson. I am having to ask God to show me some things and places in my life that I am still in rebellion.



Michelle V said...

Ouch! When I read your answer to #1 I was convicted big-time! I have done that very same thing as well but had not thought about that.

Love ya

Momofsix said...

I shall second that notion- with Michelle.. but tell me if I am making an excuse here- sometimes things should be shared, or brought out for accountability and direction right?

I got your comment stating check your email- but I never received and email- what was I suppose to be looking for?

Sure do miss hearing from you -
Your Siesta

beyond this moment said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one who gets angry about discipline. =) Heh. Probably why I have to go through it so often, ya think?

Like you, in question #1, I used to have a problem with sharing more than I should. It is so hard to find the balance. I've started asking myself if any of the details I share would put a stumbling block in a hearer's path - including details that would lead someone to judge me or someone else harshly. Yes, its their problem, but if God can be glorified without the nitty gritty, and they don't get trapped in the judgementalism, all the better right?