Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Need your help Ladies

I do not know if any of you read Laced by Grace.

Lynn from Spiritually Unequal Marriage did the devo today, and has issued an invitation to join her for one month in praying that God change us. Below is the prayer that I will be praying for the next month in regards to the wounding words I have let out of my mouth toward Rusty. Please be praying for me, and hold me accountable to this.

The prayer:

Lord, I approach your throne with Jesus at my side. I have a heart which needs changing. Father, I have spoken with criticism and harshness about __Rusty______. I repent and no longer want to speak this way. Work a change in me. Let me see him/her with your eyes and love them wholeheartedly. Help me to practice speaking kind words and keep me from speaking unkind words. It is only by your strength that I can make this change. I ask you to make it a lasting change. I forever give you the honor and glory of a life changed by the love of Christ. I ask this Lord in the name of Jesus, Amen.

Love and Hugs,


Michelle V said...


I'm in prayer for you and I'm praying for some changes for myself with this one as well!

Love ya

Momofsix said...

My dear Siesta
It is hard to not allow the tongue to wag. It seems to be the hardest thing to control, isn't it?

May the Lord grant you His grace for seeing where you have been wrong. May he also give you strength, and may the Holy Spirit be your guide as you seek to Honor your husband in all situations.

We love you!

Your Siesta