Tuesday, June 10, 2008

kids and dogs ain't it good

I'm sorry I do not have a picture to go with it, you will just have to use your imagation.

Tanner middle child, he and the "granddog Whiskey" have been living with his older sister Pamella and her two children Benjamin 5 and Hanna 2. Tanner said that Whiskey has decided that Pamella's bed is better than the blow up or the couch. Benjamin, since his father has been in Iraq also decided that Momma's bed was better than his.
Well, home comes Dustin, son-in-law and he wants his spot back. They,for privicy sake have started locking their bedroom door.
Tanner said about 2am in the morning, Benjamin and Whiskey are at Pamella and Dustin's bedroom door knocking asking if they can come in. He said it is to funny cause Whiskey just waits for Benjamin to come through the livingroom so she can go with him.

Kids and dogs what would we do without them?



JnL4God said...

How cute is that. Doesn't take long for those little habits to start forming, pets and children both. They have us pegged.Glad Son in law is back safe.
Have a great day.

Michelle V said...

Oh how cute! I'm sure right now he's just glad to be home!

Love ya