Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Please be praying

Please be praying for my friend Cindy, her husband Wesley, their son William, and Wesley's sisters and other family.

Wesley's Father had lung cancer surgery today. He came through the surgey fine, and was in recovery where he died. The Dr had come out spoken to Wesley said that they thought they got it all, and that recovery would be long and painful. Wesley had called Cindy at work to let her know. Then called back about an hour later telling her Bill had died.

Their son William is having to fly in from CA.

They do not have a home church. Cindy is a non-practicing Christian. I do not know if either Wesley or William have made a profession of faith.

There is a lot of healing that will need to go on in this family.



beyond this moment said...

I will be praying. My uncle's sudden death after a similar surgery forced my aunt to turn to Christ. God can and will work through anything!


Momofsix said...

Dear LOrd-
I lift Cindy Wesley and William up to your throne. Lord I ask that you be with them through this trying time. Meet them Lord, show them, that you can bring peace to all situations.

Lord Help Sallye to be brave to be sure that Wesley and William have professed their faith. Give her the Words, and strength, Lord.

We love you Lord- and you know this family and know their needs. Show them your grace, and mercy.
In Jesus Name Amen